How can I remove autorun.inf virus

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There are two methods for solve this problem.

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In this step u first know that the autorun.inf is really infect your PC, because some time u find them but it is not autorun.inf or it may be some other file like autoplay or etc. When u find it then first install a new fresh window in your computer when you finish it, don't open any drive or else, then install the Nero burning software, after installing open it and go to ADD DATA in this step u select any drive, here u can see the two or three files, e.g. autorun.inf, and some exe files, simply delete it from all drives and then restart your computer then u see that no autorun.inf is located in your PC.
2. The second step is quite easy then first step, just install a new window and then go to TOOL menu select view tab then select the radio button named SHOW HIDDEN FILES AND FOLDERS also check the two box which are below them, (SHOW AND MANAGE THE PAIR AS A SINGLE FILE) and (SHOW BOTH PARTS AND MANAGE THEM INDIVIDUALLY) after selecting them just EXPLORE your drives then here u see that files which I mentioned above in first step, and restarts your PC.

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